"Acqualagna's Truffle"


"Acqualagna's Truffle" courtesy of the town of Acqualagna


The territory of the Montefeltro is an area particularly suited to the truffle. This species of mushroom grows almost everywhere in the territory, isolated plants around the edge of cultivated fields, in mixed forests of deciduous trees. It is located throughout the year, with the mutation of the period also changes the collection area and consequently the species of truffle.

A town in particular, Acqualagna, has reached a quality and also a quantity of production of not less to the famous Alba in Piemonte with which there is a good relationship of "competition" and fruitful exchanges in matters of trade fairs and exhibitions. The National Truffle Fair, of Acqualagna is the most important event of the centre Italy dedicated to TuberMagnatum Pico. It is a major event that represents the town abroad, recall for all those who want to enjoy and later buy this quality product.
Acqualagna, is by now famous as the capital of the "fresh truffle all year" that is not just a way of saying, but a true professional activity and a great opportunity for fans. In the periods of collection of different varieties of product, in the town there are three important exhibitions: the most important is that of October and November, which sees precisely Acqualagna become the protagonist of the precious white truffle. It is held over three weekends, within which gastronomic stands, conferences and industry events are taking hold to tell the news of the moment, the quality and value of the truffle in the whole territory. The second takes place in February and is dedicated to the black truffle, the other in August where there is the regional Fair of black Summer truffle. During the days of the truffle, gatherers and traders working in all world markets become landmarks for visitors who want to see, taste and buy.
The White Truffle, the most valuable, has smooth bark, with colour variations ranging from light yellow to gray. The precious Black Truffle there is in Winter, from November to March. The Scorzone, less valuable, but always with a good smell, very delicate, can be found from late Spring until November. The Bianchetto, also called Marzuolo, there is in Spring.

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