"Caciotta Cheese of Urbino"


"Caciotta Cheese of Urbino"


The "Caciotta" of Montefeltro is produced from spring to fall, particularly in the area of Piandimeleto, Talamello, Sant'Agata Feltria, Pennabilli, San Leo, Fermignano, Carpegna and Sant'Angelo in Vado. Its peculiarities derive from animal feeding and rennet.

The processing is still manual, including the pressing. Defended by the designation of protected origin, is a crumbly cheese, partially cooked, produced with whole sheep's milk for 70% and cow's milk, derived from two daily milkings with the addition of yeasts and rennet. As soon as output from the moulds is dry salted for about 48 hours and again washed in serum. At one time, the moulds used for its preparation, were of two types: those of Castel Durante and Urbino were in terracotta or majolica this binds this typical preparation to the ceramic tradition of the two cities. In fact, there is a memory in some contracts of order made by notaries of the place already in the sixteenth century. The others were made of maple or beech, so prepared even today by artisans of Mercatello sul Metauro and Sant'Angelo in Vado.

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